Ellie Jean Coffey @elliejeancoffey

@elliejeancoffey is an Australian beauty who surfs (or an Australian surfer who beauties)

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Ellie Jean Coffey – 40 Private Selfie Pics

Ellie Jean Coffey is a social media influencer, surfer, and Australian model. With more than a million followers, Ellie is soon to be one of Instagram’s A-listers! With her focus on fitness and pursuing her dreams of being a national and internationally recognized model, Ellie Jean continues to attract thousands of followers to her social media and her private website pages.

Ellie Jean Coffey is all about the sun, surf, and Australia’s best waves. Along with her siblings, she has formed a prominent unit known as the Coffey Sisters. Along with her talented approach and her public presence, Ellie continues to grow her followers and establish herself as a popular brand from Instagram and Facebook to her very own website.

When you become a part of Ellie's following, you will share in her surfing activities, her days spent on the beach, and her incredibly active lifestyle. She is all about the beach and has a deep passion for Australia's oceans. Along with her days spent surfing, Ellie also enjoys fishing and will often try her hand at any type of catch with uploads of her attempts on her Instagram.

As a professional surfer, Ellie Jean Coffey regularly posts her accomplishments across her social media. You can watch her catching some of the smoothest waves in Australia as she continues to showcase her incredible moves. Along with her love for the ocean, Ellie also updates images of her modeling shoots. Her favorite posts include her surfing, holding her surfboard, or relaxing along the beach. Much like her sisters, she loves the open water and continuously updates her fans and followers of her preferred outdoor activities.

Ellie Jean Coffey is a social media influencer, an upcoming Australian model, and a professional surfer. She is also a very driven individual who works hard to achieve her goals. This includes the establishment of her social media pages and her ability to grow her fan and follower base with exceptional results.

Ellie Coffey is ready to take the social media industry by storm. With her focus on her passion and engagement with her followers, she continues to create all the right impressions.

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