The Coffey Sisters

Extreme Beauty, Extreme Talent

The Coffey Sisters - Surfers from Australia

Bonnie Lou, Ellie Jean, Holly Daze, and Ruby Lee Coffey

about the Coffey Sisters

Australia's Coffey siblings are four model-hot sisters and one brother. All five Coffeys are sponsored surfers. They also have millions Instagram followers between them. Shore Thang is proud to offer an original surf video as well as several private selfie sets from Bonnie-Lou, Ellie-Jean, and Ruby-Lee.

The four surfing Coffey sisters from Australia are named Ruby-Lee Coffey, Bonnie Lou Coffey, Holly-Sue Coffey, and Ellie-Jean Coffey. They are all accomplished professional surfers who have competed in various international competitions. The sisters come from a family of surfers and have been surfing from a young age, with their father coaching them and supporting their careers. They have gained a large following on social media due to their impressive surfing skills and lifestyle.

The Coffey sisters are from the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. The Gold Coast is known for its beautiful beaches and is a popular destination for surfers and tourists alike. The Coffey family has been involved in surfing on the Gold Coast for many years, and the sisters have grown up in this environment, developing their skills and passion for the sport.

The Gold Coast is a coastal city located in the southeast corner of the state of Queensland in Australia. It is well-known for its beautiful beaches, surf breaks, and sunny weather. The city stretches for over 50 kilometers along the coast and has a population of around 700,000 people.

Apart from its beaches, the Gold Coast is also known for its theme parks, which include Dreamworld, Sea World, Wet'n'Wild, and Warner Bros. Movie World. These theme parks attract millions of visitors each year and offer a range of rides and attractions.

The Gold Coast is also home to a vibrant nightlife scene, with many bars, nightclubs, and restaurants. The city is popular with tourists from all over the world, and it offers a range of accommodation options, from luxury hotels to backpacker hostels.

In addition to tourism, the Gold Coast is also a significant business and commercial hub, with a thriving economy and a diverse range of industries, including technology, education, health, and tourism.

Overall, the Gold Coast is a beautiful and vibrant city that offers something for everyone, whether you're a surfer, a thrill-seeker, a foodie, or a business traveler.

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