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Ruby Lee Coffey is a prominent social media influencer, model, traveler, and surfer with a real passion for traveling the world. With her driven personality and her go-getter attitude, Ruby Lee is all about the sun, surf, and living a healthy lifestyle. Along with her growing number of followers, Ruby has achieved incredible results, establishing her diverse career.

Ruby's passion is to surf. Residing in Australia, she often ventures to the local beaches along with her siblings, to ride the next wave and master her sporting skills. Ruby loves the sun, the blue sky, and the vast ocean. She showcases her passion for the water and the beach with continuous updates of her surfing adventures.

Ruby Lee is fun, entertaining, and loves the outdoors. Her hobbies include fishing, trips to snow covered regions, and her passion for fashion. She regularly shares images of her travels to inspire her followers to learn more and to understand different cultures across the globe. Ruby also shares a love for her family and will often post images of her loved ones and Christmas holidays on her Instagram stories.

As a famous social media influencer, Ruby is proud of her followers of over 470K and growing. Along with her influence, she supports movements, including Black Lives Matter, and absolutely adores animals. Ruby regularly posts images of her adorable dog!

Ruby Lee Coffey stands for women's rights and equality. She is a proud feminist and believes in educating her fans and followers on her initiatives and her beliefs. Ruby is dedicated to standing up for women and hopes to inspire all to live a balanced and robust lifestyle. She also focuses on keeping her followers engaged with her unique Q&A posts. She is all about sharing her personality through her interests, her hobbies, and the causes she represents.

Along with her sister Bonnie, Ruby works at Markson Sparks, a talent and celebrity management agency. Along with her social media knowledge, she has made a significant impression in her professional career.

Ruby Lee has an outgoing personality, a love for the outdoors, and her family. She is passionate about surfing along with her sisters and continues to introduce inspirational ways of staying engaged with her followers across her social media. As she continues to gain traction in the industry, Ruby Lee is setting the bar very high as a popular online personality and an avid Australian surfer.

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