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Getting To Know The Coffey Sisters - Ellie Jean Coffey, Holly Daze Coffey, Ruby Lee Coffey, Bonnie Lou Coffey

Four beautiful sisters from Australia who happen to be surfers. Four sisters that look like models and are pro surfers. They have an athletic, yet curvy physique, with mad surfing skills. They each have a large social media following, together they have over three million followers. The Coffey family has been referred to the “Kardashian’s of surfing” and at a time there was talk about them having their own reality show about surfing. Ellie Jean, Holly Daze, Ruby Lee and Bonnie Lou make up the gorgeous surfing Coffey sisters.

They are surfers and models from the Australian Gold Coast that grew up part of a surfing family. The whole family surfs. Their brother Jackson Coffey is the boy of the family and he is also a sponsored surfer just like his sisters. Jackson Coffey has sponsorships by Billabong, GoPro, Von Zipper, and Shapers. Ellie Jean Coffey who is from the Gold Coast of Australia, was born on November 25th, 1994.

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Coffey Sisters Surfing

Ellie-Jean Coffey

Ellie Jean Coffey was born into a family of surfers, as her parents, Kim and Jason Coffey were also both surfers and that is where she got her keen interest in surfing from. Ellie Jean Coffey is the eldest of the four surfing siblings. Ellie Jean, along with the other Coffey siblings grew up with homeschooling and exposure to surfing. For ten years, the Coffey family traveled in a caravan all over the country. The siblings grew up learning about surfing when they attended competitions with their parents. Her parents took the whole family to travel around the country and it was then that Ellie Jean Coffey, along with her siblings, learned how to surf.

Ellie Jean Coffey and her siblings were immersed in surfing and their surfing success can be attributed to this. Ellie Jean Coffey’s surfing career started when she placed second in the 2012 Junior World Surfing championships. There are seven types of surfing such as shortboard surfing, longboard surfing, big wave surfing, stand up paddle surfing, body boarding, skimboarding, foil surfing and finally, tow in surfing where the surfer is pulled along the waves by watercraft such as jet skis. Ellie Jean competes in both shortboard and longboard surfing. Shortboard surfing is the commonest form of surfing and it involves five to seven foot boards where swift and active moves are used. Longboard surfing consists of eighth to twelve foot long surf boards that is perfect for a more relaxed form of surfing. Ellie Jean is also a member of the Snapper Rock Surfrider’s Club in Australia’s Gold Coast.

In 2015, Ellie Jean competed in the “Single Fin Classic”  which was held in Panama. Ellie Jean Coffey tried new things at the competition that she never tried before, such as “single fin board” at the 2015 “Single Fin Classic,” which she “dominated” even though she never rode that kind of board before. Ellie Jean Coffey surfing has been in the top ten rankings by QS. Jean Coffey’s current surfing statistics as per the World Surf League rank her number ninety six in the Women’s QS as of 2017, when she last surfed competitively. She has won one heat with an average heat score of 8.51 and an average wave score of 2.71 according to WSL.

Ellie Jean had at a point in her career, so many followers that her follower count reached more than a million followers before she lost het account. Ellie Jean’s instagram following is now at well over a hundred thousand. Ellie Jean is represented across all of the social media platforms. Ellie Jean Coffey is one of the most beautiful female surfers and among them she was called the sixth hottest by PlayBoy magazine, to the delight of her many fans and followers. Her sister Holly Daze also had the same thing happen with her instagram account. Coordinated complaints from disgruntled fans is what suspended her instagram account. They were complaining about access to Ellie Jean’s content. All of the attention that she garnered from surfing has carried over into her social media. Ellie Jean Coffey has had sponsorship from surf companies such as SurfStich, Billabong, ONfive Skate, Simmo Boards and Von Zipper.

In an interview profiled by Yahoo news, Ellie Jean mentioned “misogyny” in the sport of surfing and how she had endured it for a long time. She endured a lot of abuse in the “male dominated industry” of surfing. The sport of surfing, which consists mostly of men, fosters an environment of abuse, according to Ellie Jean. She experienced this abuse when she was at the very top of her career, in a sport that she describes as being “toxic”. Along with the mental abuse that she suffered, Ellie Jean Coffey had also experienced what she described as “physical” abuse as well. The abuse was “horrifying” and “terrible” and had “taken years to recover”. She confides that all of the “abuse” had taken it’s toll and she sought therapy.

Ellie had even thought of suicide, as she said in her interview. Ellie Jean Coffey subsequently has not surfed competitively since 2017, when she qualified in women’s surfing. She still loves surfing and does it for fun. Ellie Jean, who is a hot blonde bombshell in her own right, is also a model. She has been modeling since leaving the sport of professional surfing. Ellie Jean has completely transformed her look. Ellie’s look has changed from her clean cut athletic look to a more glamorous makeup and “bleached blonde” hair look. Ellie is incredibly curvy with an athletic, toned figure, owing in part, to her sport of surfing.

Ellie Jean Coffey does exclusive content modeling and is one of the latest athletes who went into soft core modeling, as per the trend. Ellie Jean makes X rated content for her own website. Ellie Jean website contains content access by subscription. Ellie Jean says that making X rated content is both “liberating and empowering” and that her parents support her in her newest career. Deciding to go into this field of modeling was not an “overnight” decision as Ellie Jean confides in Daily Mail Australia interview. She says that “every decision I make is calculated” when describing her newest endeavor. She has been incredibly successful and is very happy to be doing what she is doing. Ellie Jean Coffey, in an interview with bar stool sports Chicago podcast, stated that her website “had completed my life because it gave me purpose”.

Her sisters Holly-Daze, Ruby Lee, and Bonnie Lou Coffey are all very supportive of her endeavors.

Furthermore, Holly Daze and Bonnie Lou Coffey also make content with Ellie Jean on her website. According to Ellie Jean Coffey in her Daily Mail Australia interview, her sisters were like : “'They've always known I've been quite a controversial, dynamic person, so they were like’, “Ellie's gonna do what Ellie's gonna do.". Her family is supportive of Ellie Jean, including her parents, whom she had talked to about her new endeavor. Her siblings are models as well. Ellie Jean Coffey’s sisters have followed in her footsteps, from surfing to modeling, and finally to creating soft core content. Ellie talks about how having her website makes her a “successful business woman” and facilitates her being able to communicate with her fans as it grants them access.

Ellie Jean Coffey

Ellie Jean Coffey in a bikini

Ellie Jean Coffey currently surfs for fun and not competitively. She has received a lot of success with her website.

Ellie Coffey confides in the interview, that her website with adult content by subscription, “is the most successful” endeavor that she has ever undertaken. Ellie Jean talks about the risqué modeling on her subscription site, which includes her being “handcuffed to the bed” and “completely topless with my legs spread”. Holly Coffey said “We wear sexy bikinis and we surf good that is just what we do.” Ellie Jean sat down for an interview with Sixty Minutes where she talked about her X rated website. Sometimes, she makes more than one million dollars a month. She also talked about losing many friends along the way when she went down this particular career path. Her family, however has been very supportive of her new endeavor. Her siblings encourage her in everything that she does. In fact, her sisters have followed her down the same career path. The sisters are four of seven siblings and their parents support their surfing endeavors. Their parents took them around the country in a caravan when they were children. They are so good at what they do that they have qualified with high standings for surfing. Hollie and Ellie Jean have also qualified as surfers. In the Woman’s surfing qualifiers, Hollie Daze Coffey placed 90 and Ellie Jean placed 96 in the 2017 qualifiers. They certainly have the skills. Talk about girl power.

Holly Daze Coffey and Ellie Jean have been surfing since they were both eight and ten years old. They have no problem posting sexy bikini pictures online, on Instagram and do not think that it takes away from their surfing. They have some of the best bodies in surfing. Holly Daze Coffey who is also known as Holly Daze Coffey was born in Queensland, Australia on February 24th 1998. She is a professional surfer like her sister Ellie Jean and boasts as large of a social media following as her sister, Ellie Jean.

Holly Daze Coffey

Holly Daze had her instagram account deleted at 1.1 million followers and now has 171 thousand followers.

Holly Daze Coffey said about her modeling content in an interview with the Daily Mail, “ We don't really care what your opinion is, we just do it, and we're okay with it”. She also stated in the interview that “as we progress as females, it's more having the option to post whatever and when you want to, not putting us in a box... it's the opportunity for women to have the choice to post in bikinis if they want to, and to post what they want to post”. Holly Daze attended Waves Surf School, where she learned, fine tuned and perfected her surfing skills.

 Holly Daze has been surfing since the age of four, which let her devote her time to surfing. Holly Daze was home schooled like the rest of her siblings which allowed her to better focus on surfing and make it a priority. She placed number one in the Australian Junior Surfing championships of 2011. To hear Holly say it, her Father is her best friend.

Holly Daze Coffey has been traveling with her family since she was seven and she just took to surfing. Her father is her greatest fan and is very supportive, as is the rest of her family. Holly Daze said about surfing in an interview, that “surfing is my life”.

Holly Daze was thirteen years old when she realized that she wanted to pursue a career in surfing. Holly Daze is a sponsored surfer like her sister Ellie Jean, and has many prestigious surf sponsorships. Holly Daze Coffey’s surf standings as per the World Surf League rankings, number ninety in the 2017 Women’s QS, with one heat win, and an average heat score of 8.94 and an average wave score of 3.11. Holly Daze Coffey is a member of the Snapper Rock Surfriders Club, which is a world famous surfing club on Australia’s Gold Coast. She also trained at the Billabong High Performance Center.

Holly Daze Coffey is sponsored by Braking Wax, Billabong, Brandon Boards and Von Zipper. She also had sponsorships with Monster, Instagram and VZ and Dakine. Holly Daze has followed her sister Ellie Jean into modeling. She has a high follower count on instagram just like her sister. Holly Daze Coffey AKA Holly Daze Coffey posts across social media, on platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and X. Holly Daze also does soft core modeling and films with her siblings, on Ellie Jean’s website. Holly Holly Daze Coffey, also known as Holly Daze has her own website as well.

The website Holly-Daze Coffey is where she creates exclusive content. Holly Daze when asked in an interview question and answer session on Instagram about what her parents think about the kind of content that she posts, and she replied that her parents “couldn’t care less” and that” “first off, I’m a grown a## woman so I can do whatever the f##k I want”. The four Coffey Siblings also have their own instagram known as the SiblingsCoffey, which features the Coffey’s Ellie Jean, Holly Daze, Ruby Lee and Bonnie Lou. They each have their own instagram as well. Ruby Lee Coffey is a surfer as are her siblings Ellie Jean and Holly Daze, who were professional surfers until they started to model for their website.

Ruby Lee Coffey

Ruby Lee Coffey

Ruby Lee Coffey and her surf boards

Ruby Lee Coffey was born on March 10, 2000 and has over four hundred thousand followers on instagram. Ruby Lee Coffey mostly posts about surfing in Australia and travel on her instagram. She grew up surfing as she travelled around Australia in a caravan with her family. Ruby Lee Coffey, as her beautiful sisters Holly Holly Daze and Ellie Jean also started her own website where she makes X rated content. Ruby Lee can be seen posing in bikinis and with her sisters, on instagram. Ruby Lee Coffey is also on TikTok where she has ten of thousands of followers. Ruby Lee is a gorgeous blonde as all of the Coffey sisters are, with a curvy, athletic physique toned from surfing.  Ruby Lee is five feet seven inches tall and has a 34DD cup size. Ruby Lee Coffey also models on the SiblingsCoffey instagram along with her siblings. Ruby Lee is a social media influencer and is also on X and Snapchat. As one fourth of the Coffey girls, she appears on social media accounts with them. She started being active on social media from age sixteen and has been surfing along with her sisters since she was a child.

Bonnie Lou Coffey

Bonnie Lou Coffey

Bonnie Lou Coffey on the Gold Coast of Australia

Bonnie Lou Coffey is the twenty one years old and the youngest of the Coffey sisters. She is five foot eight inches tall and has a 34F cup size. Bonnie Lou surfs as does the rest of her family. Bonnie Lou started surfing with her family who traveled around Australia in a caravan for ten years, where they surfed all over Australia. Bonnie Lou Coffey is also a model along with her sisters. She appears on Instagram as bonnieloucoffey where she posts bikini pics as well as surfing pics and and has links to her more exclusive content. She creates X rated content as do her sisters. Bonnie is a gorgeous blonde with a very glamorous look and a perfect beach body with a curvaceous and toned physique. Bonnie Coffey also appears on the SiblingsCoffey instagram with her three sisters. The Coffey sisters are all models and create exclusive content on their exclusive websites. As the sunsets on the ocean, the Coffey sisters ride the wave into the beautiful ocean, to catch the perfect waves to surf and invite their fans to join them on their adventures.

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